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Wild Bird Feed for Manitowoc, WI, Gardens

At Silver Lake Country Store in Manitowoc, WI, we can help you attract beautiful, colorful wild birds to your home with the birdseed of your choice. We also have a collection of bird feeders and other products. Everyone loves the sound of birds chirping outside their window during the day, and in Wisconsin, there’s no lack of bird wildlife to make this a reality, even if you live in an apartment or house without much of a garden. Adding a bird feeder and the right bird seed from Silver Lake Country Store can be a quick and easy way to bring nature a little closer to home without the effort of raising your own animals or planting a garden.

Extensive collection of bird feed available

Silver Lake Country Store can cater to all varieties of birds in our area with specialty products and seed blends. Our feed inventory includes:

  • Straight seed (black oil, safflower, thistle, etc.)
  • Bird blends (wild bird, cardinal, wild finch)
  • Cob corn
  • Whole peanuts
  • Peanut pieces for wildlife
  • Suet (large assortments of flavor)
  • Bird feeders
  • And more

Bird wildlife in Manitowoc, WI

Depending on the type of bird you have visiting your area most frequently, you can choose the bird feed selection that best fits their normal diet. In Wisconsin, wooded areas are frequently home to several varieties of birds. View the full checklist of Wisconsin birds published by the Wisconsin DNR and the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.

Stop by our store today, and we’ll help you find the perfect bird feed for your needs.


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