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Get All Your Hobby Farm Products in Manitowoc, WI

At Silver Lake Country Store in Manitowoc, WI, we carry an extensive collection of quality, in-store hobby farm products for your large and small animals and for livestock care! Come on in today to get all the specialty feeds you need to keep you farm going strong.

Hobby Farm Products

Silver Lake Country Store in Manitowoc, WI, provides all types of supplies you need to for your hobby farm. In addition, we offer specialty feeds we chose based on our decades of experience in the feed industry as both truckers and suppliers. We only offer products that we believe in. You can talk to our staff anytime to learn more about the brands and feeds we carry and why we recommend them over anything else.

Silver Lake Country Store can help you care for many hobby farm animals including – horses, cattle, alpacas, mini pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, and more. We provide breed-specific feeds as well as many other supplies. Get in touch today to learn more.

Interested In Starting Your Own Hobby Farm?

If you’re interested in starting your own hobby farm with specialty livestock, congratulations! It’s more than just starting a farm—it’s committing to a new lifestyle on your own little ranch. We know from experience that it’s a lot of work to get you own farm up and running and keep it going each day, so we don’t want you to do it alone. To help you succeed, our staff is here to offer advice and products based on the animals you own. For all of the supplies and diet recommendations to make this possible, come to Silver Lake Country Store in Manitowoc, WI, today.


Stock up on farm supplies today! (920) 682-3388