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Find Pet Food, Supplies, and More at Our Manitowoc, WI, Shop

Our mission at Silver Lake Country Store is to provide Manitowoc, WI, residents with the highest-quality pet and plant products available. From all-natural foods for your pup to cob corn seed for wild birds in the backyard, we have it all! Our friendly customer service team is eager to work with members of our community by offering expert tips and recommendations on which products are ideal for your needs and how to use them for the best possible health and happiness of your animals, garden, and more.

Dog And Cat Food

We carry a variety of healthy and high-quality pet foods for your indoor and outdoor pets. We’re a certified Purina retailer so you can always find top Purina products in stock. Don’t forget treats for your furry friends! Our team can show you some of our pet-approved brands made with healthy ingredients.

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Hobby Farm

If you keep hobby farm animals or livestock, Silver Lake Country Store is your friend. We provide seed and other useful supplies to help you keep horses, alpacas, rabbits, birds, cattle, and other specialty animals on your farm in great health. With our expertise in the feed industry, we know how to get you great quality at a good price.

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Wild Bird Feed

Bring all the birds to your yard with our mixes of birdseed tailored to attract specific kinds of local bird species in your yard. From corn on the cob to seeds and whole peanuts, we can recommend the best blend for your property and local birds. We also stock bird feeders so you can set up a bird haven just by visiting our store.

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Garden Center

Whether you’re an expert and seasoned gardener or you’re just starting out by planting your first flower box, our full-service garden center and greenhouse is a friendly place that welcomes you to share advice, tips, recommendations, and of course all the plants and gardening equipment you need. When you come to Silver Lake Country Store in Manitowoc, WI, you can find annuals and perennials to decorate your garden and finish off your landscaping, indoor potted plants, vegetables and fruit trees to grow your own fresh produce season after season, and all of the soil products, mulch, and fertilizer to grow it successfully.

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